The Effects of Natural Light in your Office: Can it Boost Productivity?

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At a time when everyone is trying to cut down on waste, maximising productivity in the workplace has never been more vital. It’s well known that a comfortable and pleasant working environment can boost productivity, and when it comes to getting the best from your workforce, lighting is one of the most important factors to consider.

People Function Best in Natural Light

The majority of human beings are most productive during the daylight hours and studies have shown that most forms of artificial light lack the spectral distribution we need to function at our optimum capacity. Many office workers also know, working for long periods of time under harsh electric lighting can result in headaches, eyestrain and fatigue which makes concentration difficult.

How Alpha can Help to Maximise the Natural Light in your Office

It’s clear that getting the maximum amount of natural light into your office is essential if you want to boost productivity – not to mention cut down on your electricity bills. This is where Alpha Office Interiors can help as we offer complete solutions for office refurbishment, and whether you have a lot of light to play with or only a little, we can help you to make the most of it.

When it comes to refurbishing your office, we can offer you a huge choice of wall coverings, floorings and finishes to achieve the look you want. For a bright and airy office space, we recommend light, neutral colours and a clean finish. You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make to the light in your office simply by opting for paler colours on your walls, floor and ceiling. Even if you don’t have space with a lot of large windows, pale colours will reflect the light that does come in, making the whole area much brighter.

Many offices use partitions to create separate areas and rooms within one large floor-space. If this is true of your office, try opting for a glazed style. You’ll be able to section off areas as you wish without interrupting the flow of natural light throughout the whole space. Frosted panels or blinds can provide the necessary privacy.

Finally, our furniture and storage solutions complete the look of your re-vamped office space, making sure that everything stays looking neat and streamlined.

However you want to improve your office, Alpha Office Interiors can help. Why not give us a call today?