Colour Coded: The Meaning Behind Your Walls

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Your office is a haven. A monstrously reverberant hive of output, of productivity, of creativity and of success. But could it be better? Could it be MORE creative, MORE productive? The chances are it could, and did you know that you can achieve such results simply by carefully planning your office refurbishment with these ideals in mind? You didn’t? Well you learn something new every day now don’t you? When you’re placing glass partitions and dividing up working space, you’ll want to be as forward thinking as possible; but what about colour? Colour can have a huge impact on the working atmosphere, and as such, we’ve detailed below exactly which colours mean what!

Far from a benign secret, known only to an elite circle of entrepreneurial and management minds, people have been using specific colours to invoke certain responses for hundreds of years. Here then is the latest on the hidden sentiments a range of base colours represent, to help you choose how to decorate your working space!


Blue – Productivity, trust, security, responsibility.

Red – Appetite-inducing, energetic, attention grabbing, loud

Yellow – Positivity, creativity, cheerful and warm

Green – Health, prestige, wealth, serenity

Purple – Sophistication, spirituality, royalty, success

Orange – Excitement, enthusiasm, vitality, fun


Of course, there are many interpretations of each colour, but these are regarded almost unanimously across a wealth of design sources as the base, instinctive reactions we have to these colours. So what do you want your office to represent? Is it a bubbling trove of creativity? Do you place trust value above all else? Or are you producing only the highest, most sophisticated products that would be fit for royalty and no other!? This handy guide will help!

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