Straighten Up and Sit Right: Office Furniture for the Best Results

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Sometimes, work can feel like a pain. Everybody experiences the sentiment of not wanting to go into the office from time to time; however, a much more serious situation is when work results in actual pain. The physical restrictions that often come packaged with a typical office job usually ensure you spend a good 8 hours a day tethered to a desk of some description. This in mind then, you want to make your office as accessible and easy to work in as possible, so as to get the best results from your team, and to look out for them as individuals. How? Well it’s convenient you ask, as below are a list of work and seating related health tips to ensure all employees are following, and remember, they’re all made possible with Alpha office furniture!

Poor posture at a computer is outright asking for trouble, and the damage it can cause over extended periods of time doesn’t bear thinking about. Essentially though, the body instinctively doesn’t wish to remain in one position for too long, and we all find ourselves adjusting frequently.

The real key is to arrange your desk, and your chairs, ensuring they give maximum comfort and are set up to encourage correct posture.

Adjusting the height of a chair so that it’s possible for feet to stay flat on the ground or on a foot rest so as to support your back is a great way to start. Ensure the back rest of the chair is positioned upright and at a height that comfortably tilts with movement, without allowing you to slouch.

Computer screens should sit at eye level and at a comfortable distance, so the employee doesn’t have to lean forward or crane their neck to read text. Similarly, mouse and keyboard positioning should encourage relaxed shoulders, straight backs and right angled elbows, with wrist and arm rests where necessary.

From the best in office seating, to height adjustable beds, we’ve got everything you need to ensure your employees are sitting straight and working to the best of their ability all day long here at Alpha, and what’s more, our friendly team are always on hand should you need advice!