Creating a Safe and Productive Office Environment

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A healthy company environment not only keeps the employees happy and satisfied, it also boosts productivity and increases profits. This is one of the key elements in motivating staff members and making them feel safe and productive. Striking the perfect balance between practical and fun is not easy. Here are five tips that will help you create a safe and productive office environment.

1. Comfortable Furniture

The vast majority of office jobs imply a sedentary work day sitting in front of a computer. Employees should be encouraged to take breaks as often as possible. For each 50 minutes of work, a person should take a 10-minute break. However, furniture also plays a major role in an employee’s overall comfort and productivity.

It’s easy to be distracted and not work to full capacity when your chair is uncomfortable, the desk is too high or too low and your monitor can’t be adjusted. Employers should always ensure their staff have ergonomic, well-designed, and comfortable furniture. This will keep employees happy and motivated all year round.

2. Fun Accessories

A safe and productive office environment should comprise more than just practical furniture. Fun accessories like a whiteboard, wall art, plants, and other décor objects should not be omitted. A productive office does not have to be stark. Even the colour of the walls plays an important role in the employees’ mood and their productivity.

Investing in some fun accessories will help transform an impersonal space into a comfortable, welcoming one. Employees should be encouraged to bring their own things to the office in order to make their desk truly their own.

3. Practical Amenities

Practical amenities are seldom fun, but they are essential. They ensure employees are well looked after and feel comfortable and safe coming to work. Whether it’s clean and fully equipped bathrooms, air conditioning, storage units, water coolers or stationery, these small touches work together to create a harmonious and safe office environment.

4. Pleasant Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are essential in any firm. They are perfect for interviews or team brainstorming. Whether it’s a small space or a larger room, it should be decorated accordingly. A pleasant meeting room should have comfortable and functional furniture. It should be accessible to everyone and equipped with whiteboards, projectors, and screens.

5. Relaxing Area

Employees should have a relaxing area that allows them to take breaks and get their mind off work for a few minutes. This encourages socialisation and helps team members develop friendships. Since communication is key in any domain, a relaxing area equipped with inviting armchairs and a few games like ping pong or darts, encourages employees to mingle. It also promotes and builds trust, helping employees create teams that work better together on finding solutions, being more productive and staying motivated.